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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Doggie Vacation

While I went to Colorado for the birth of my beautiful niece Morgan Elizabeth, Neko spent 10 days with MaryEllen at Creekside Critter Care in Auburn, WA.  Of course, I was terrified to leave my "baby" and was a nervous wreck since it was only at the last minute that I decided I was going to board her (my friend who was supposed to take care of her backed out due to family obligations of her own).

I lucked into Creekside by way of a few dog trainers who recommended their boarding kennels and what a lucky find it was!  I joke around with my human friends constantly that I would like MaryEllen to take care of me for 10 days' vacation!  When I arrived at Creekside, I was greeted by MaryEllen and taken on a tour.  She has a fenced yard (including sand box for the dogs to dig in!), a garage with dog couches and plenty of toys, from there they go through a dog door into their indoor room, and the overnight guests stay in the livingroom with MaryEllen's family.  Neko immediately occupied herself with the other dogs and fit right into the pack!

Neko's Aunt Mara in the bathtub at her home in CO
While I was away, MaryEllen was great about updating her facebook page (at this moment, Neko is featured in her cover photo) with photos and anecdotes about the dogs' daily activities.  Between that and email, I received daily updates on Neko and was confident she was enjoying herself!  This was such an immense relief to me because I was concentrating on my sister and her pack (she has two setters of her own who needed help welcoming a baby into their home).

I returned home and was so excited to pick Neko up!  I missed her so much and it was such a joy and a relief to see her trotting out behind MaryEllen looking happy and content!  I will definitely use Creekside again and I can't thank them enough for the excellent care they took of Neko.

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